Tarpon 120 ($700) and Tarpon 100 ($500) kayaks

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Tarpon 120 ($700) and Tarpon 100 ($500) kayaks

Post by madphilip » Wed Aug 03, 2016 7:56 pm

These two kayaks are all that remains from a previous post in these classifieds. Lowering the prices to move them along and get my garage back. Both of these are great boats in great shape. Neither has ever been a fishing kayak beat all to heck like my blue fishing yak. My brother moved out of state so I offered to help him move his yaks to a new owner. They've always been garage kept and washed after each use.

These prices are lower than what I posted on CraigsList. For this forum I figured you guys and gals know what you are buying so I'll just post the lowest price I can accept. Both kayaks include a paddle and life vest. For anyone responding to this post and seriously interested, I'm willing to bring the boats out to a piece of water to arrange a test drive for you.

Shoot me a text (preferred) or call at 850-363-9741.

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