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Re: Anyone ever paddled the Slave Canal on the Wacissa?

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2016 11:44 pm
by WannaDoDat
Hmmmm. According to my readings, the section of the Aucilla that is directly above Nutall Rise is called Little River. The Latvis-Simpson site is at the southern end of that section. The Page-Ladson site is in Half Mile Rise just south of where the Wacissa empties in. A third site called "Sloth Hole" is at the southern end of Ward Island.


Re: Anyone ever paddled the Slave Canal on the Wacissa?

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:37 pm
by BloodyChamp
Has anybody ever driven to the Wacissa side of this? Locals call it "the races" because the 2 rivers are "racing" to the sink right alongside each other. The friend of mine I talked about in another thread who I went fishing with the other day for the first time since highschool says he drove there years ago 2 different ways but that it was tough. He explained each way which is simple directions wise (common sense really just follow the river...I'd simply thought that the 2 trails were just old log roads) just not terrain wise.

Now if you you end up just below where the Wacissa empties in? Where that old picnic table sits? If so then I will probably pass and stick with going to Half Mile Rise. That probably isn't where you end up though. That wouldn't be "the races" because the Wacissa is history by that point. That picnic table could have just been left there by the divers. All of the pictures I've ever seen of the races appear to be upriver also.

I did some joyriding today. Every year before I start fishing regularly I load up the chainsaw, chain etc to fix whatever I find that needs fixing on the way to my most hidden fishing spots. Sadly, the 1 spot I knew needed it most had been blocked by 1 of those dirt mounds that they put out periodically. It was already starting to erode so meh...I bet it will only be serving as road fill before the end of the summer lol! That made me consider trying this trip but I didn't do it. While the roads were in decent shape, the holes in them were full of water so I knew better than to even waste the gas.

All my motor needed was a bolt btw. I want to go fishing more than I was to have sssssssssseeeeeeeven pieces of chocolate cake.

Re: Anyone ever paddled the Slave Canal on the Wacissa?

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2020 2:02 pm
by BloodyChamp
Has anybody ever paddled up from Nutall Rise then back down? I know it’s a tough trip but paddling up would eliminate all the coordinating and sometimes guessing you have to do going down. Also that last stretch of the Wacissa has gotten pretty dang rough. I personally have secretly avoided that area for the last few years. It’s very shallow and those rocks down there have absolutely no give unlike other rocks which, while still hard as a rock, have some give since they move. Also paddling back up in that stuff was nearly impossible the last time I went. I did have my 3.3 Mercury which I could have just motored you with and prayed that I didn’t break anything but I paddled that part trying not to do that and it was all I could do.