Road trip to Silver City, NM

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Road trip to Silver City, NM

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We loaded up the truck and headed to the hills, Silver City NM that is.

On the way I had a flat tire in Sonora, TX. So we stayed in a motel, and drove into Silver City the next night. A 26 hour drive altogether.

Setup the tent, and got a nice chilly sleep in and woke up the next morning and Elizabeth was not feeling good.

She started vomiting blood, so I took her to the emergency room.

They life flighted her to Las Cruces. The next day I got two flat tires fixed at Walmart.

Packed up camp and her dog, and drove to Las Cruces. They wouldn't let me see her at first but we got that straight.

She was on Life Support for a few days.

I found out that all here personal items didn't make if from the Silver City hospital so I drove back that night and got them. Purse, money and passport.

Left the hospital late in the week on a Saturday. Got home on a Wednesday.

Her physical therapist said he served with a Jeff Suber in the Army. Turns out it was me.

Elizabeth is much better.

The end.
Jeff Suber


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Re: Road trip to Silver City, NM

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Just now seeing this. 🥺
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Re: Road trip to Silver City, NM

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